Daniel Blake / New Album / Circle Mountain

Daniel Blake debuts new EP, “Circle Mountain” featuring lead single, “For The Rush” Out November 30th, 2018.

Live premiere show at The Hotel Cafe, Friday, November 30, 2018 | 10 PM – 11 PM PST

Anyone growing up in a home that reverberated to the sound of his parents’ own formative years – James Taylor, Carole King, Van Morrison & The Beatles – rather than the chart hits of the time, is going to develop a musical taste that is wonderfully out of step with many artists his own age.

But even though he didn’t know it at the time, it was those folk infused and classic sounds that where to be the spark to inspire Daniel Blake’s own musical journey.

After moving from his Phoenix home to Southern California, Daniel settled into the most regular of lives, worked construction, married the love of his life.
He never stopped being inspired by the music he had grown up with nonetheless.

Following an epiphany whilst watching a live show, he committed himself to the craft of the “struggling singer-songwriter,” a brilliantly self-deprecating title that he is proud to wear as he performs around the Los Angeles folk scene.

Daniel Blake’s debut EP “Circle Mountain” paints vivid pictures of love, loss and life. Fingerpicking and ambient tones work together to create a beautiful escape and leaves the listener wanting more. The Title was pulled from Track 2 “Any Way the Wind Blows” and references a place where embers from the past are spread, a suitable picture to capture the tone of the album.

It is hardly surprising given the music that soaked into his soul as he grew up that his stunning first release, “Circle Mountain,” fuses those classic folk sounds with a more drifting modern indie vibe.

Gentle picked acoustica and a soft but emotive voice lay at the heart of these five songs.
The tracks are then swathed in soft musical textures and drifting layers of delicate sonic detail to create a sound that is both nostalgic yet which beats perfectly in time with the modern indie-folk market.

Circle Mountain
comes from the heart, addresses his own loves and regrets, explores loss and longing and whilst these are the most intimate of thoughts, they are also the most universal of subjects.

It is that ability to be personal yet relatable, to look to the past as well as the present that means that Daniel Blake will find a place in the music collections of all ages and with fans of many genres.

Release Date: November 30, 2018 Release Date: November 30, 2018

1. For The Rush. tells the story of someone who longs for the recklessness that often gets stripped away thru age & wisdom. Daniel Blake draws from his own youthfulness recounting the late-night bonfires, first loves & the pain of moving on.

2. Any Way The Wind Blows. combines the emotions of longing to have the love of a parent and then having to say goodbye without ever having the chance to know them

3. Far. expresses the desire of wanting to help someone you love when they are out of reach.

4. California. reaches the dreamer in all of us revealing the struggles of perusing your dreams while acknowledging the pain of regret.

5. All I Need. concludes the album with a simple love song that tells the story of finding all you will ever need in the heart of the one you love.