Daniel Blake / New Single / Freeway

Daniel Blake Releases Second Single in 2020
“F R E E W A Y”

From the upcoming EP entitled “JAKARTA” out later in the year.
Now available to stream on all digital platforms


“F R E E W AY”

The song takes you to a small trailer park which sits directly across from the “freeway,” which for two young lovers means an escape from everything they know.

Nostalgic sounds of acoustic guitar which quickly builds up to an eclectic mix of acoustic drums, electric drums, horns and modified wave tracks all work together to support this tragic love story.

GENRE: Indie

Subgenres: Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Alternative
Moods: Sad, Chill, Acoustic, Driving

TOTAL LENGTH: 5:10 | RELEASE DATE: August 21, 2020