Renee Stahl / New Single / Until Tomorrow

“Until Tomorrow” New Single
by Renee Stahl Out Now!





“Until Tomorrow” asks the big question, what is happiness?  Inspired by a little book (“Selma” by Jutta Bauer), it is a gentle song about appreciating the simple things in life every day.

RELEASE DATE:  October 16th, 2020


Genre: Ambient
Subgenre: Chill

Moods: Dinner, Lounge, Romantic


Zero 7, Massive attack, Everything But The Girl, Sade, Billie Marten

Music has never claimed to have all the answers but it is great at asking the right questions. After all, would life be as interesting if you knew exactly what it was all about? Isn’t it better to contemplate, reflect and debate such things, to come to your own highly individual conclusions? “Until Tomorrow,” the new single from Renee Stahl, asks perhaps one of the biggest questions of all. What is Happiness?

Long appreciated by audiences for her ability to thread her gorgeous melodies through serene soundscapes, she has also found favour with a more experimental set of musicians. Her sweet harmonies have been sampled many times by trance and EDM producers looking for the perfect analog mirror for their digital creations, most notably Above & Beyond.

She can also count everyone from Ziggy Marley, Glen Phillips and Colin Hay to Maya Rudolph and Lisa Loeb as friends and collaborators and as one half of Renee & Jeremy has racked up over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

Inspiration for this song comes from the book “Selma” by Jutta Bauer and proposes that perhaps achieving happiness is as straightforward as being able to appreciate the simple, everyday aspects of life. To this end she weaves her soft and seductive tones through a spacious soundscape, one built of sparing piano chords, a reserved and punctuating bass line, sweetly chiming strings but mainly atmospheric swirls, understatement and lingering anticipation.

Like the happiness that she advocates, perhaps the best things in life are also the simplest and whilst “Until Tomorrow” might seem sparing and simple, it is the beauty of the hidden depths, the appeal of the deftly drawn musical lines and the freedom between the musical structures, which reaps the greatest rewards. Much like life itself.