Amy Geis / New Single / Be Me

“Be Me” New Single
by Amy Geis Out Now!



“B E  M E”

RELEASE DATE:  October 24th, 2020


Genre: Pop

Moods: Upbeat, introspective, motivating, energetic

Playlist Ideas:

Pop rising / Self Love / Girl power / Rise Up / Anthem / Chill pop /
Self motivation 

Sounds like / Inspirations:

Julia Michaels, Lennon Stella, Selena Gomez

Music is always great at getting to the point. And whilst so many artists are using their music to consider many of the big issues of the day raging across the planet at the moment, Amy Geis’ new single deals with more personal and perhaps ever more timeless issues. More so than at any time in history there is pressure on the individual, especially the younger generations, to conform to certain, imposed rules.

The connectivity of the modern world has thrown up all sorts of mirrors, ones which relate to everything from size and looks to following whatever fad and fashion happens to be on trend. We must all conform, fit in, toe the line.

Amy has other ideas. “Be Me” is a celebration of being who we are, who we want to be, the version of ourselves which makes us happy. It is Amy Geis’s realizations and revelations regarding self-satisfaction, self-empowerment and …well, just self… put into song both as a way to express herself and, hopefully allow a few more people to break the shackles of social expectations.

It’s the singer-songwriter form at its most essential and most honest. It is pure pop. It is from the heart.

An understated yet wonderfully effective outpouring of self-love and individuality, “Be Me” is not only the musical vehicle for a most important message, the vehicle itself is a gorgeous slice of accessible, minimal and essential pop music. But, unlike most pop music, it wears its heart on its sleeve.

In a world where you can be anyone you want to be, the best person you can choose to be is yourself. Why conform when you can be unique?