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DIY website for busy people. [ except we do all the tedious work for you ]

Field of concentration: Music and the artists who make them. Small to Medium businesses who make things happen. One stop shop for musicians and entrepreneurs who are keen enough to focus on their artistry and craft, and are astute enough to let us create their home on the web!

Special mention to bloggers. Yes, you! How may we help take your Blog to the next level?

Our expertise: Web Development . Web Design . Video Editing . Copywriting . Graphics Design . Logo Design. Social Media Presence. Branding. Content Management

We speak: Wordpress. PHP. SQL. HTML. CSS
We drink: Java, C# and C++ We eat: Adobe products for breakfast!
We play with: Python, Perl and Ruby
We breathe the internet.

We love Indie Artists and Indie Music. We dream of unicorns, world peace, and happy endings | Creative people excite and inspire us!

// maelĂËstrom (mlstrm) n.

1. A turbulent situation. 2. A whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence. 3. a tumultuous state of affairs.

We find order in chaos. We create harmony in the muddle of ideas. #Maelstromnify it!