Didi Benami

A near-lifelong singer who started songwriting as a teenager, the Tennessee-bred 34-year-old devoted those years to dreaming up songs that gracefully fuse folk, soul, and rock with an intimate emotionalism inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks.

Olivia Awbrey

Olivia Awbrey crafts transcendental guitar riffs that pierce through her self-aware and culturally critical storytelling, making way for a new voice on the indie rock scene that parallels the heavy hitters.

The Highfields

The Highfields matured as a project, developing their unique blend of pop and electronica, with an indie flare.

Jasmine Ash

Jasmine’s songs channel the power of pop, the edge of electronica, and a singer-songwriter intimacy. She is able to create songs that are inspiring and emotional, yet direct and fun.

Amy Loftus

Amy's music stands with one foot in folk and country traditions while the other steps out into future pop potentials. It is lyrically intimate and relatable.

The Singer and The Songwriter

"The duo creates soft melodic songs, that could just as easily exist as poems. Beautiful, and full of sound and emotion...” (Playlist Play)

Mayssa Karaa

With her captivating multi-octave voice and persuasive cross-cultural message, vocalist and songwriter MAYSSA KARAA defines a new era of musical inclusion. Her songs tell of a journey connecting her origins in the ancient land of Lebanon to her adopted home of Los Angeles, California.

Seaside Wounds

If you are a fan of lush music that evolves slowly, as if it were floating into space, you should definitely enter this beautiful sonic landscape and get deeper into Seaside Wound’s music!

Desi Valentine

Desi Valentine is a singer/songwriter originally from London, England. His soulful, gritty voice and unique style have now landed him in Los Angeles, CA to further develop his new music and fresh voice to new levels.

Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake committed himself to the craft of songwriting and proudly wears the title of "singer-songwriter.”


In a world of boast and bombast, of substance over style, AALTA’s music is a unique blend of spaciousness, dreamscape-pop and infectious grooves.

Rich Jacques

The spirit that LA based Singer/Songwriter Rich Jacques has been spreading through his music is powerful yet simple and direct: Breathe in, revel and let go.

Maria DeHart

Maria DeHart's unconventional yet nostalgic sound is pleasantly hazy, cloaked in reverb and ear-catching melodies.