L.I.T.A / New Single / Cherish Your Beloved

“Cherish Your Beloved” New Holiday Single
by L.I.T.A Out Now!




RELEASE DATE:  November 21st, 2020


Genre: Jazz
Subgenre: Pop / Singer Songwriter
Moods: inspiring, warm, classic
perfect addition for a Holiday playlist

Sounds like / Inspirations:

A modern day Kate Bush, Bjork, Natalie Merchant. Her piano driven songwriting bears a resemblance to the likes of Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, and Regina Spector. Her melodies resemble the likes of Billie Eillish, Cleo Sol and Ruelle.

Just in time for the Holidays! Lita has written a warm and heartfelt song inspired by holiday tunes she would listen to as a little girl. Those songs always bring her comfort and sweet nostalgia. They were the soundtrack to joyous memories that she will have forever. Lita set out to create a modern all inclusive holiday song that offered that same comfort to anyone listening, regardless of what holiday they may or may not celebrate. This song is offering a simple idea. Cherish the ones we love, be kind to one another and honor what is most important.


Oftentimes it is the most important things in life that we overlook or take for granted in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. And sometimes all it takes is a song to remind us.

“Cherish Your Beloved” is just such a song, one that perhaps becomes even more poignant and important when set against a year of lockdown separation and political division.

Setting out to write a song for the holidays, one which had a universal message regardless of faith, an improvised piano and acoustic guitar writing session unexpectedly turned a few jazz chords into a melody, a melody into a tune, a tune into a song. And the end result feels like nothing less than a half-forgotten seasonal standard, a newly rediscovered classic Holiday stalwart.

The real charm of “Cherish Your Beloved” is not that it sounds like a hit in the making, not that it has all the hallmarks of a Holiday classic, not that it is a thing of simple, sonic beauty.

The real charm is that its message is so sincere, so universally relatable, so full of warmth. Sometimes we forget what really matters in life and this song is the sweetest sonic reminder.