Jasmine Ash / New Single / High Wire

“5 4 3 2 1 set this in motion…”

“High Wire” is a mix of dreamy pop and big beat dance grooves with a lot of heart. A song about facing your fears, taking risks and being yourself…”

I sat down and wrote “High Wire” by accident while on a writing retreat in Joshua Tree, CA in 2018. I had been playing with the idea of releasing something as an artist again– as I had spent the last 8 years or so as a songwriter for others, and so it felt like this song was meant to be.

Rich Jacques (Grammy Award winning producer and writer) and I wrote “High Wire” and it just kinda came out of us, it was so easy to write. Even then I was struggling with my identity as a songwriter artist and was carrying around a lot of fear based around the idea of releasing music again.

Rich was really instrumental in pushing me (in a good way) to release the song and write some more materials that could be part of the Jasmine Ash artist project. Once we decided that we were going to make more songs, the fun began and Rich invited Daniel Pashman in to help co-write and co-produce and the rest is history.

It was a great trio, our energies matched, our taste in music were complimentary as well. It was a super fun and memorable 4-5 months creating a new sound for me and some new songs to boot that I could really get behind and want to release as an artist. And so the idea for an EP came to fruition…

– Jasmine


Written by: Jasmine Ash
Written and co- produced by: Rich Jacques Produced by: Daniel Pashman
Mixed by: Clint Gibbs
Mixed at: Twentytwoten Studios, LA, CA Mastered by: Dale Becker
Mastering Assistant: Hector Vega
Mastered at: Becker Mastering, Pasadena, CA