Rich Jacques / New Single / Oblivion

“Oblivion” is inspired by last year’s false missile alert in Hawaii. An event of the type that makes you contemplate what’s really important in what may be the last few minutes of your existence. In keeping with the contemplative nature of the lyrics, the music is soul-searching and intimate.

There has been quite an audience for this type of dream-like indie in the last few years. Music that takes the coolness of the genre and boils it down to its bare essence. Instead of trying to impress with big bombastic sonics, it somehow makes big understatements… if that is even possible.
It gets over itself and gets on with the job. And the job here is to weave delicate, unadorned string textures with hushed vocals… relying on spaciousness and restraint to create elegance and minimalistic eloquence. Building something out of almost nothing, and with Oblivion, the job is done to perfection.

The real joy of listening to Oblivion specifically, and Rich Jacques’ music in general, is knowing that with all the studio time, live experience, and wealth of knowledge he has gathered over his years in his many musical roles, he has found a way to express himself with musical simplicity. Opting for the most basic musical building blocks to fashion his songs… a simple minimalistic approach that speaks volumes.