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AALTA and Lenachka have created a song that drips with late night pop-vibes, sultry R&B tones, chilled dance grooves cloaked in swirling and sassy electronica, a combination that is both perfect for the mainstream market yet original enough to send sparks through more underground scenes.

“Cities of The World,” is the perfect place to begin exploring AALTA’s music. It captures its unique blend of spaciousness, dreamscape-pop and infectious grooves, not to mention the memorable vocals that they always manage to find to complement their unique writing and production. In a world of boast and bombast, of substance over style, AALTA are both the safe haven and the hope for the future that music has been looking for.

Valentine’s vocals are the perfect vehicle for the bittersweet nature of the song and with a compelling yet deft and spacious musical drive plus some sweet and soulful brass AALTA find themselves with a perfect pop song but one that flies in the face of expectation.